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Welcome to People's Care

CEO Mike Kaiser founded People’s Care based on the philosophy of “Personal Choice, Community Involvement and Dignity.” Today, the People’s Care mission is: “To Provide Excellent Support and Advocacy for Individuals in a Positive, Life-Enriching Environment.”

We are a committed and compassionate group of people providing excellent support and advocacy for individuals by valuing personal choice, offering flexible and personalized assistance, and building relationships that support successful community living.

  • PEOPLE – We are committed to the philosophy that our clients and our employees are People first.
  • CARE – We are committed to providing Extraordinary Care to all clients with every contact, creating a relationship whereby each client identifies People’s Care as his/her premiere care provider.
  • QUALITY – We are completely committed to improve quality in every area of service.  We achieve this through a systematic analysis of measurable objectives and constant focus on quality.
  • RESPECT – We strongly believe in respecting the personal choice of our clients; their point of views, feelings, and beliefs can be expressed without judgment.  We treat each other with the highest level of respect.
  • COMPASSION – We are deeply concerned for the well being of all people.
  • INNOVATION – We are committed to Visionary Growth and Innovation such that we will seek best practices for client outcomes, growing as appropriate by using new technology and creative methods to ensure the long term financial strength of our organization.
  • INTEGRITY – We possess and steadfastly adhere to the highest moral standards and are truthful in all of our dealing with each other, our clients and any agencies that we interact with.
  • SAFETY – We believe that safety is the responsibility of every employee, and every employee thinks about safety daily.

To learn more about People’s Care, call us at 1-855-773-6753. To access our services, talk to your Regional Coordinator. If you do not have a Service Coordinator, contact a Regional Center in your area.

About People's Care

At People's Care, our most valuable resource is the extraordinary people who support and care for our clients. Our expert direct support professionals have had years of experience in the highly demanding health care industry. They have gone on to receive specialized training to support individuals with special needs or those who are or otherwise unable to fully care for themselves.

At People's Care, we're all about building relationships.

We match each individual with the most appropriate professional support staff. We create unique support plans with each person's best interests in mind. Whether in one's home or out in the community, in an adult day program, assisted living facility or residential care facility, we offer a loving and compassionate environment. We also respect the cultural uniqueness of all individuals in our programs, helping them maintain their cultural and/or religious heritage.

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