Community Integration and Training Program


At People’s Care, our one-on-one Community Integration Training (CIT) Program can help individuals overcome barriers in the community that may be keeping them from living life to its fullest. We focus on each individual’s unique gifts, talents and specific desires to provide him or her with as many options as possible

Examples include:

  • Accessing community resources, such as public transportation, meal assistance programs, free counseling and health care services and more
  • Enrolling in adult education classes at local colleges, occupational centers or trade schools
  • Participating in after-school programs, health clubs, hobby-related organizations and more
  • Establishing and maintaining new friendships with people who share common interests
  • Participating in sports leagues, volunteer opportunities and group excursions such as shopping at local malls, going to museums or to the movies
  • Attending Regional Center meetings to gain valuable knowledge about his or her rights

CIT offers services for youths (ages 5-12), teenagers (ages 13-17) and adults (ages 18-70) with mild to moderate challenges. Since CIT is a community integration training program, it offers a high degree of flexibility. In other words, CIT services are tailored to fit the individual’s needs instead of forcing him or her to conform to a program.