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Treating People with Dignity and Respect – A Makoto Story

“Be careful with me. I have a history of fire setting. I engage in physical aggression when things don’t go my way. When my request is denied, I display self-injurious behaviors. When I get too excited, I wet my pants.” … Continue reading

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Teaching Personal Hygiene to Adults with Developmental Disabilities

An appropriate level of personal hygiene is vital for social interaction, being part of the workforce, and also important for good health. Most developmentally disabled adults can learn the basics of proper hygiene with clear, brief instructions. Teaching basic hygiene … Continue reading

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Sibling Involvement Critical for the Developmentally Disabled

According to the U.S. Administration on Developmental Disabilities, about 4.5 million people in the United States have developmental disabilities, and there are many more who have suffered a disabling injury in midlife. Developmental disabilities are considered severe, lifelong disabilities resulting … Continue reading

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Working with the Developmentally Disabled

Make your experience a rewarding one while learning and caring for individuals with special needs. Below are some strategies to help a caregiver course through the delicate yet fulfilling experience of caring for the disabled: a) An adult with a … Continue reading

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